The Chaparral High School Education Foundation (CHSEF) is a 501(c)3, Non-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation, formed by supporters of Chaparral High School, Temecula, CA. The specific purpose is to assist in the achievement and maintenance of a superior public educational system within Chaparral High School. The goal of CHSEF is to provide four corners of volunteer support to the students, staff and faculty of CHS.

CHSEF provides the following resources:

Support & Resources to CHS Booster Clubs called Parent Support Groups (PSG’S)

Financial Management Solutions for PSG’s

Vehicle for Community and Corporate Sponsors/Donors

Creation/Distribution and Support of Puma Educational Scholarships

All active Parent Support Groups (PSG’S) fall under the By-Laws of CHSEF

PSG’s Must Submit Annually the following Information;

PSG Information Sheet (Roster of Elected Officers)

PSG By-Laws Containing Rules & Regulations

PSG Budget/Fundraising Schedule

Benefits of PSG Membership

Fundraising Support: CHSEF reviews all PSG fundraising requests to ensure that the event does not conflict with another PSG/School event and solicits the required approvals via school administration. Upon request, CHSEF assists PSG’s with event marketing/advertising efforts.

Training & PSG Communication: CHSEF provides training via comprehensive workshops to each PSG Treasurer and has arranged thru Wells Fargo Bank to offer each PSG to operate their own bank account tied to the CHSEF Master Account. Online accounting program thru QuickBooks will allow each PSG to manage their own income vs. expenses and provide the necessary financial reports to CHSEF.

Financial Management: Helping Parent Support Groups (PSG) earn and manage money is an integral part of the resources offered by the CHSEF Executive Board. Each PSG is responsible for planning and financing its own activities, under the guidance of the CHSEF. This allows each PSG the opportunity to cooperatively set goals, manage a budget, spend responsibly, maintain records along with the ability to earn unlimited funds without paying for financial management services.

Insurance: CHSEF protects PSG’s by providing liability insurance coverage for all Non Covered School Events. Insurance premiums are deducted from each of the PSG bank accounts based upon each organization’s usage. Insurance coverage includes property, medical, crimes, casualty and general liability.

Tax Filing: CHSEF prepares and files Federal and State income tax returns as per regulatory guidelines in order to maintain Non-Profit tax exempt status.

Permits & Licensing: CHSEF files the required documents with City, State and Federal agencies for all required fundraising permits and licenses.

Chaparral High School Education foundation 2017-18 Bylaws

 CHSEF By-Laws Doc