Banner Sponsorship



CHSEF Banner Sponsorship Program offers you an opportunity to advertise your business and the products & services you provide, displayed on a large format full color banner. Your banner will be installed on the Winchester Road/State Hwy 79 fence line which generates over 80,000 daily visual impressions, 365 days per year (according to California Department of Transportation).  A similar sized billboard posted along State Hwy 79 would cost over $25,000 per year, making the CHSEF banners extremely cost effective for your business. The banner is posted for 12 consecutive months, professionally produced using a high resolution digital printing process and installed to ensure they are displayed safely and securely.

In addition we are pleased to announce that we have added a similar Banner Sponsorship Programs for the CHS Stadium and CHS Gymnasium which generates over 40,000 visual impressions collectively from CHS Students, Athletes, and parents/relatives from in and out of the Temecula area who attend various major events throughout the school year.

The funds from sponsorships are Tax Deductible Donations. The funds are used towards Student Scholarships, Team Game Transportation, Uniform Upgrades, Training Expenses/Equipment, Special School Projects and MORE!

The program is managed by Chaparral High School Education Foundation. If you have any questions or would like more info, please email the CHSEF Board at

The banner designs incorporate a border which illustrates the school colors and displays the school’s logo along with the text “PROUD PUMA SUPPORTER” which promotes a relationship between your company and the school. All of these details are established to see an increase of exposure & sales to your business by utilizing the CHSEF Banner Sponsorship Program as an advertising medium to promote your business!


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